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Dec 29, 2017

How markets reward innovation and profitability.

And how they punish decline.

Markets finish a record year with new records in all averages.

Dec 28, 2017

From Shopping Malls, to Big Box, to eCommerce, the Changing Nature of the American Consumer.

Online Package Deliveries expected to be records at both UPS and FedEx.


Dec 27, 2017

Rumors on Apple Computer's iPhone X.

It Looks Like The Retailers Are Doing Well: Macy's And Kohl's Lead The Way.


Dec 26, 2017

The New Tax Law Takes Effect Next Monday

This May Have An Effect On Annual Reports

Look For A Quiet Holiday Week


Dec 22, 2017

How The New Tax Rate Will Improve Bottom Line.

Some of the Industry Groups that will Benefit the most.

Now, to keep the Government Open.

A Preview of Today's Economic Reports